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The Primalian "Zodiacs"

There are many forms of Zodiacs in the world: Grecko-roman star signs, Celtic tree signs, and Eastern yearly animal signs, e.g. Within Primalia, we use our form of Animal zodiacs, tied to our elements.

This list is as follows:

  • Earth: Bull

  • Fire: Lion

  • Life: Butterfly

  • Lightning: Serpent

  • Water: Fish

  • Wind: Avian

We are not sure, however, if the animals and their meanings match up to their patrons' personalities; but here's what we know so far:

  • Fire Elementals (the Lions) tend to be powerful and passionate people. They tend to stick to their decisions. They can also be quite aggressive.

  • Lightning Elementals (the Serpents) tend to be wise and intelligent. They are often quick, yet sharp, with their tongue.

  • Water Elementals (the Fish) tend to be sensitive, yet poignant, often "going with the flow." They can often be swum over and overexert themselves.

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