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How To Celebrate a Ceremony of Water

Water elementals have the second Ceremony of the year. Celebrated on April 13 each year, the Water Ceremony, along with each of the other ones, are to celebrate its element (water in this case). Following are some ways we celebrate the Ceremony of Water.

A Juicy Feast

Celebrate the Ceremony by hosting a feast of food representing the element. Juicy foods, such as watermelon; strawberries; cantaloupe; oranges and mandarines; and juicy Delicious apples, are great to use! For non-vegetarians, fish is also a good symbolic food for this event!

A Watery Centerpiece

Another good celebratory measure is to add a centrepiece that represents water to your shrine. Some nice centrepieces may include a fountain, a ceremonial bowl of water, even a rain gauge or weather station -- anything watery, really.


In the Oath De Primalia, it is stated that mediation is a crucial aspect of Primalian Druidry as it sharpens the mind, and focuses the elements; thus a group meditation or yoga session may be ideal to celebrate a ceremony of water. Perhaps try to meditate on the ripple of water, on calmness -- the stillness of water, or the colour blue. Maybe picture yourself floating in the water.

The Ceremony Itself

Each ceremony has a very specific Ritual to be done as the Oath De Primalia outlines. For the water ceremony, Six ceremonial cups of water (it can be any type of cup) are poured slowly into a larger puddle or bowl. This is done to symbolise the unity of the six elements.

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