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Blessed Ostara 2022

Today is Ostara! Ostara is a time of renewal and rebirth as it marks the Spring Equinox.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Ostara

1. Take a Relaxing Nature Walk

It's finally spring, so why not take a long, relaxing walk through the woods, a park, or a local garden and appreciate the reviving flora, breathe in the fresh air, and all-around relax? This celebration is especially fun with friends and family by your side.

2. Spring Clean and Decorate

Ostara is all about rejuvenation and renewal, but that can be hard when you're living in last year's house. Rather than going and buying a whole new house, it's probably best to clean, reorganize and even put up some decoration celebrating the spring. New house, new you!

3. Plant Seeds and Garden

Ostara is not only about rebirth but it's also about connecting oneself with nature; thus gardening is a great way to celebrate! Gardening and planting vegetables, fruits, and herbs is a good idea so that you'll have a tasty snack by the time Litha comes about.


Now for the most fun one! Teas are often refreshing and rejuvenating, which fits the theme of Ostara. Additionally, who's not up for a nice get-together with their friends?

Have a Blessed Ostara!!


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